In the land of Chikushi in Kyushu, the “Western Capital” of Dazaifu once was a place visited by foreign envoys and merchants, an international city where imported goods were traded and new forms of culture entered and accumulated.
Here we present the overall story of the “Western Capital” as well as seven local stories that convey the appeal of the area.

  • The Story of Chikushino

  • The Story of Kasuga

  • The Story of Onojo

  • The Story of Dazaifu

  • The Story of Nakagawa

  • The Story of Umi

  • The Story of Kiyama

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Japan Heritage Site “The Western Capital” イメージ画像

The “Western Capital”, created in Tsukushi 1300 years ago. Cultural assets speaking to the magnificence of this city of international exchange that flourished in East Asia are scattered across the cities of Chikushino, Kasuga, Onojo, Dazaifu, Nakagawa, and Umi in Fukuoka Prefecture as well as the town of Kiyama in Saga Prefecture.