story 2

Otomo no Tabito, governor of Dazaifu, orchestrated Baika no En parties and helped Dazaifu blossom into a city rich with culture. In addition to his administrative duties, Tabito was a poet himself, known for his sorrowful verses.

As governor of Dazaifu, Otomo no Tabito was also known for his contribution to poetry and Baika no En (“Plum Blossom Banquet”) poetry parties, and his own occasional evocative expressions of his own heart in verse.
Soon after his appointment as governor, Tabito suffered the loss of his long-time companion and beloved wife, Iratsume. Grieving deeply, Tabito sought refuge south past the Suzaku Avenue at Suita no Yu (now Futsukaichi Onsen), where he penned verses lamenting his late wife and found solace in the soothing hot springs. He also took visitors like Isonokami no Katsuo to the Kii-jo Mountain Fortress, where he entertained them with heartfelt verses as they took in the panoramic views of the plains below.
Before returning to the capital as chief counselor, he held a farewell feast at the Ashiki no Umaya residence with a view of the Ashiki Mountain Fortress. There, he composed an eloquent farewell poem while listening to the tranquil sounds of the moonlit river. Later, as he walked the road leading back to the capital in Nara, he arrived at the eastern gate of the Mizuki Fortifications, where he composed another poem expressing his grief over leaving his close friend Kojima. Tabito’s poetry weaves a timeless connection between the poet and Dazaifu.